Basic rules

Everyone in the Netherlands abides by these basic rules:

  • Always maintain a distance of 1.5 metres from others, except from those in your own household
  • Wash your hands frequently.
  • Avoid crowds: if you see that it is becoming difficult to maintain a distance of 1.5 metres from others, turn around and come back at a later time.
  • Stay in your accommodation if you have any symptoms such as colds, shortness of breath and/or fever and call 0800-1202 to have yourself tested. In the case of symptoms such as shortness of breath and fever, the whole group must remain in the holiday accommodation.
  • Are you travelling by public transport? Avoid peak hours and wear a non-medical face mask. It is compulsory for everyone aged 13 years and older to wear a face mask in a tram, (water)bus, metro and train.

The consequences of not complying with the regulations

If it gets too crowded somewhere, for example in villages along the coast, the access roads may be closed and it may no longer be possible to travel to this location.  

If you do not comply with the corona regulations, you also risk a fine, for example if you do not maintain a distance of 1.5 metre from people outside your family.

  • Failure to comply with the Dutch regulations will result in a fine of € 390 for adults and € 95 for minors.
  • If you fail to wear a face mask on public transport, you risk a fine of € 95. Please note: a face mask on public transport is only compulsory for everyone aged 13 and older.

More information about the Dutch corona measures

Measures in the Netherlands

At various places in the Netherlands specific rules apply, for example at a campsite, in a restaurant or a museum. The current rules can be found here. Keep an eye on to see if the situation and measures change. 

Hotels, holiday parks and campsites

Each campsite, hotel or holiday park determines how they translate the guidelines in the Netherlands at their own site and what facilities are available for guests. Check their website or ask the staff at your accommodation.

Travel wisely

Many hotels, holiday parks and campsites have information on their websites about how they deal with the effects of the corona virus. Check this information before you leave so that you know what to expect.  

Restaurants, cafés and terraces

Both inside the restaurant/café and outside on the terrace: maintain a distance of 1.5 metres from other visitors. You do not have to maintain a distance from members of your own household. Many restaurants and cafés have additional (hygiene) rules. Always follow the staff instructions.

In addition: 

Inside: in restaurants and cafés

  • It is compulsory to sit at a table.
  • Reservations may be compulsory or the number of guests may be restricted.

Outside: on the terrace

  • It is compulsory to sit at a table.
  • Restaurants and bars can decide for themselves whether you need to make a reservation for a place on the terrace. 

Restaurants and cafés at your accommodation

Restaurants and cafés on campsites and holiday parks are subject to the same rules as restaurants and bars outside the accommodation. 

Shops and supermarkets

In the shop and supermarket, you must also maintain a distance of 1.5 metres from others. So, do your shopping on your own, as much as possible. Shops and supermarkets have a maximum number of visitors. In many shops, the use of a shopping trolley or basket is compulsory. 


  • Always maintain a distance of 1.5 metres from others.
  • Follow the museum's hygiene measures.
  • The number of visitors is restricted. Booking may be compulsory. 

Swimming pools

Indoor and outdoor pools (incl. changing rooms) are open. Swimming pools have taken measures to comply with all hygiene rules.

The following applies to all visitors:

  • Follow the specific local hygiene rules.
  • Maintain a distance of 1.5 metres from others: both in and out of the water.
  • Exception: children 12 years of age and younger do not have to maintain a distance of 1.5 metres in and out of the water.

What is closed?

The Dutch government is following a step-by-step plan to get out of the intelligent lockdown in a controlled manner. As a result, some companies, organisations or facilities are still closed at this time.

  • Nightclubs, dance bars and discotheques are currently closed.


Tourist information flyer English

Explore the undiscovered places in our region

At you will find all there is to do and experience in our region.  When choosing an activity, take into account the corona measures: avoid crowded places and consider in advance whether it will be possible to maintain a distance of 1.5 meters from others. You will find some inspiration below. 

Happy places in Schagen

Take a walking or cycling tour through the places that the inhabitants of Schagen have named as their happy places. At each place, you will discover a special story and get three tips for happiness.

Mill ‘De Hoop’ - ‘t Zand

Take a look around this historic flour mill and enjoy a drink on the terrace after the tour.

Steam Tram Museum Hoorn - Medemblik

Enjoy a ride through the West Frisian landscape on the railway dating from 1887 and discover the story of the steam tram

Skyline walk - Hoorn

The town of Hoorn is situated on the water and was very prosperous during the seventeenth century. Its location on the Hoornse Hop provides a beautiful rounded skyline that you can see during a walk over the dike. Admire the compelling architecture of the theatre, the city beach development and the iconic Sterflats. 

Former Wadden Island Wieringen

A unique hilly area with historic farms, winding roads and beautiful views over the Wadden Sea.

Nature in the Hollands Kroon area

Go walking, cycling or boating through one of the beautiful nature reserves of the Hollands Kroon area. You could consider, for example, one of the following recreational areas:

  • The Dijkgats forest in Wieringermeer
  • The Robbenoord forest in Wieringermeer
  • The Zuiderstrand beach in Den Oever
  • The Amstelmeer lake in Westerland op Wieringen
  • The Slootdorper forest in Slootdorp
  • The Kruiszwin nature reserve in Anna Paulowna
  • The Waard canal in Wieringerwaard/Nieuwesluis


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