Last updated: February 23, 2022

Explore the undiscovered places in our region

At you will find all there is to do and experience in our region.  When choosing an activity, take into account the corona measures. You will find some inspiration below. 

Happy places in Schagen

Take a walking or cycling tour through the places that the inhabitants of Schagen have named as their happy places. At each place, you will discover a special story and get three tips for happiness.

Skyline walk - Hoorn

The town of Hoorn is situated on the water and was very prosperous during the seventeenth century. Its location on the Hoornse Hop provides a beautiful rounded skyline that you can see during a walk over the dike. Admire the compelling architecture of the theatre, the city beach development and the iconic Sterflats. 

Former Wadden Island Wieringen

A unique hilly area with historic farms, winding roads and beautiful views over the Wadden Sea.

Nature in the Hollands Kroon area

Go walking, cycling or boating through one of the beautiful nature reserves of the Hollands Kroon area. You could consider, for example, one of the following recreational areas:

  • The Dijkgats forest in Wieringermeer
  • The Robbenoord forest in Wieringermeer
  • The Zuiderstrand beach in Den Oever
  • The Amstelmeer lake in Westerland op Wieringen
  • The Slootdorper forest in Slootdorp
  • The Kruiszwin nature reserve in Anna Paulowna
  • The Waard canal in Wieringerwaard/Nieuwesluis

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